Nine (9) wonders of Shwedagon Pagoda

1.Tawagu Wish-Fulfilling Buddha (or) Patamyar Myat Shin Buddha

It is located at the east of upper terrace of Shwedagon Pagoda. In ancient time, the warriors are prayed to win before they approach the battle and it happened. Buddhism people believe that this Buddha Image grant your wish to come true. Only men are allowed into this upper platform, and for those who can see the Buddha, you can see at the east of Zaung-Dan from live TV.

2.The Weitzer Zawgyi Pagoda

Located at the corner of Saturday. This pagoda is the handiwork of Wizards and Necromancers with disciplines of the occult sciences. The popular belief is that this stupa was built with the use of supernatural powers. Some people believe higher beings come and meditate here quite often.

3.Shin Saw Pu Buddha ImageIt is near north-west corner and was built by Queen Shin Saw Pu of Hanthawaddy Dynasty. There are four yellow-champak trees near this pagoda.

4.Shin Ma Hti Buddha

It is located near the north of the Naung-Daw-Gyi Pagoda. This pagoda was built by a presiding monk called Shin-Ma-Htee before 1000 years ago.

5.Shin Aezagawna Buddha

It is situated in the Zaung-Dan(Prayer-hall) that located near the corner of  Sunday. Shin-Aezagawna was famous because of his one goat eye and one bull eye with the alchemy powers.In the Dnyasty of Bagan, he also made Gold-Rain and Silver-Rain for the civilians with his alchemy powers. Therefore, this pagoda eyes were made different sizes with one wide eye and one narrow eye.

6.Sandawdwin Pagoda

It was where Buddha’s hair was washed. The pagoda was built over the well where Buddha’s hair was washed before being enshrined inside Shwedagon Stupa. The pagoda inside the Sandawdwin was built in 1897.

7.Boe-Boe-Aung Shrine

It is in the eastern side of the Shwedagon Pagoda. Bo Bo Aung is a legendry person who is believed to have obtained a supernatural power (wizard). Tradition believes that this shrine was created by Bo Bo Aung using his power.

8.Kakusandha Buddha

It is located at the east Zaung-Dan infront of the stairways, inside the Eastern Devotion Hall. The unusual of this Buddha Image is that right hand is curved upward instead of downward. That is why this pagoda is named as Let-Pet-Let Pagoda.

9.Pya-Dar-Shin Buddha (Live Mercury Buddha)

It is located near escalator and between east stairways and Tuesday Corner.One smooth legendary ball of mercury compound was enshrined in the forehead of this Buddha Image. So this Buddha Image is called Pya-Dar-Shin Paogda.

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