Thingyan Festival

Water festival held before the Myanmar New Year

The word Thingyan is a Sanskrit term, called 'Thingyan'. It is a term that comes from Sanskrit. The Buddha Thingyan means "conversion". During the year, the end of the Myanmar year ends and the year in Tagu is the year of the new year. It means "New Year's Eve". The heat of summer is cooled by Thingyan water. Cleanses from the old years with fresh, cleansed water in Thingyan.

So when you look for a story, you can find two kinds of stories. One comes from Hinduism and the other comes from the sun and the earth.

History of Hinduism

The dispute between Shishak and Brahman (Arsi) was won, and he became the head of Brahma. The brahmana is so powerful that if he casts his head into the sea, the water will be dried up and the fire destroyed. If they were thrown into the air, all beings would be burned, so he did not want to leave anywhere, but only in his hands.

Later, the powerful deities were assigned, and one year the king ordered that the head be kept. The Brahmin calculates the exact time when the head will be shifted from one hand to the other, and it is said that the transitional period is a monk. It is also considered a full year.

During that time, the pagodas often worked in the country for the purpose of promoting goodwill and spreading the Buddhist religion. The record is also recorded. Write the good guys on the gold platter and Bad notes are written on the dog's skin.(The death of the body, the purification of the five senses, the virtue and the hell and the dhamma. Therefore, it is of no consequence at all, since it is not important at all.)

In addition, even in the time of the gods, there are examples of people who have been in the dark since midnight, if they want to hear the word. Happy Birthday! Knowledge The bhikkhus are the seams mentioned at night. This is because the gods can't bear the smell of old food in people's hearts. Therefore, in Thingyan, it is impossible to say that Sakka was descended from people.

However, according to the above story, though, the ceremony of watering the river is not involved in watering. Only in later times can we drink water in a relaxed and welcoming way. They play by watering. Therefore, in the long run, Thingyan, Thingyan and Thingyan The story of Sakura and Shukla becomes one with the story. Thus, in the daytime, the Sakyans descend into the human race; One day, the man returned from human life. The story goes on and on.

History of the sun and the earth

The story is based on the Buddhist scriptures. Related to astrology If you look at the solar system from the beginning of the season, it is a matter of time. When the time of the monsoon comes, according to the Dhamma Sutra, 365 days, 6 hours 12 min, It is said that 37 seconds after entering the Sun, the Sun enters the zodiac, the zodiac is zero and the New Year is over.

Defined as Thingyan However, when the actual New Year goes, 4 hours It takes 4 minutes and 40 seconds. It is a month in the month of Tagu for the Myanmar calendar using the 12-month calendar.

Naturally, the term "Tagu" originates from Tudor, which was used by the ancient Burmese scholars for the purpose of transferring the Sun from Saturn to Saturn. Another idea is that the ton or row is the plow and the harvester is harvesting. Therefore, it also means "the month of harvesting".

According to Buddhist scriptures, it was during this time that the princes of Devadhaha, the mother-in-law's family, drank water. (Deva means "prince," meaning "prince," meaning "prince"). In this episode, the story goes on. It is only by meditating with Buddhists and astrologers.

Culture of Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Myanmar It is not known what kind of tradition exists in Cambodia. By name in Thailand (Songkran); In Laos, Pimai; In Cambodia (Chaul Chnam Thmey), respectively.

How is the Thingyan today celebrated?

No matter what the history of Thingyan is, the Thingyan festival is being celebrated every year as one of the biggest and biggest festivals of Myanmar in New Year's Day in Taungoo. On the stage, the dancers were dressed in white and the Thingyan performed beautifully.

The practice of feeding the dough is still practiced in the rural areas. It is also a lovely practice to add chilli peppers instead of ice cubes, which are mixed in a delectable dough. In ancient times, it was said that water was used for silver and silver bowls, but today it is celebrated by using water cannons and tubes to create elaborate and elaborate parades.

In some cities, pottery is also a fun practice, as well as in many villages and towns, where we ask for a girl's water and water.

The water is built during the Thingyan period, and there are people who practice meditation as well as water players. It is popular with water skiers. Men and women It is the time of the Thingyan festival to be held between the staff and religious persons (monks, monks, nuns, monks).

In some major cities, the play of water in the city has been widely seen as more traditional than traditional Thingyan dances, with elaborate costumes. The ancient silver and gold culture; Although it is a mix of modern music culture, the Thingyan is one of the biggest Burmese New Year celebrations for the people of Myanmar.