Pathein City

Pathein  formerly called Bassein, is the largest city and the capital of the Ayeyarwaddy Region,Myanmar (Burma). It is located 190 km (120 mi) west of Yangon on the bank of the Pathein River (Pathein), which is a western branch of the Irawaddy River, . Although once part of the Mon Kingdom, Pathein has few ethnic Mon residents today. The majority are of Bamar, Burmese Indians and Karen ethnicity. There are, however, notable minority Rakhine.


  1.  Shwe Moke Daw Pagoda 
  2. Diparyone Pagoda 
  3. Set Taw Yar Pagoda
  4. Ta Gaung Mingalar Pagoda 
  5. 28 Su Pagoda
  6. Mahar Bawdi Mingalar Pagoda 
  7. Shwe Zi Gone Pagoda 
  8. 108 Taung Gamone Paung Pagoda 
  9. Thiri Thuwanna Pagoda 
  10. Maw Din Zun Pagoda


  1. Chaung Tha Beach 
  2. Ngwe Saung Beach 
  3. Chaung Tha Elephant Camp & Resort 
  4. Clock Tower 
  5. Royal Lake Amusement Park 
  6. Gaw Yan Gyi Island 
  7. Shwe Myinn Pyan Harlawar 


  1. Eskala Hotels & Resort 
  2. Pathein Hotel 
  3. Centro City Hotel 
  4. Delta Hotel 
  5. Hotel Ayeyarwady 
  6. Hill Garden Hotel 
  7. Grand Hotel 
  8. Hotel Max 
  9. Belle Resort 
  10. Golden Beach Hotel 
  11. Hotel ACE 
  12. Hotel LUX 
  13. Sunny Paradise Resort 
  14. Myanmar Treasure Resort 
  15. Azura Beach Resort 
  16. Ngwe Saung Yacht  Club 
  17. Emerald Sea Resort 
  18. Bay Of Bengal Resort 
  19. Grand Ngwe Saung Resort 
  20. Ria Hotel