Ngapali Beach Guide

Ngapali Beach Guide 

Ngapali Beach is a quiet, naturally beautiful beach town on Myanmar’s western coast. With beautiful blue water and stunning white sand beaches, Ngapali Beach is emerging as one of Southeast Asia’s best beach destinations largely undiscovered by mass tourism.

 Although Ngapali Beach is Myanmar’s most developed beach destination, it retains a quiet and relaxing atmosphere compared to most of Southeast Asia’s well-known beaches. White sand, great snorkelling and a slow pace of life make Ngapali Beach a great place to relax. While Ngapali Beach is usually busy during the high season from November until February, note that some hotels and restaurants are closed from March or April until late October.

 Main Areas of Interest in Ngapali Beach 

 * Ngapali Beach

 Ngapali Beach covers stretches for three kilometres along the Bay of Bengal. The water is clear and the beach clean, quiet and beautiful, making Ngapali Beach one of the best places in Myanmar to relax and unwind.
Most of the hotels and restaurants in the area are built directly across from Ngapali Beach, making the area easy to navigate. There are several motorcycle rental shops close to the beach, providing a cheap and easy way to get around the area as a tourist.

* Jate Taw Fishing 

Located near the southern end of Ngapali Beach, Jate Taw is a small fishing village. If you’re an early riser, you might be able to spot the fishing boats bringing their catch back to shore in the early hours of the morning.

* Pearl Island

Located a short distance off the southern end of Ngapali Beach, Pearl Island is a popular day trip destination. Boats travel between the beach and Pearl Island frequently, making it easy to access during the daytime.
Pearl Island’s clean, untouched beaches and clear water make it a popular snorkelling spot for people staying in Ngapali Beach.

* Thandwe

Located around six kilometres inland from Ngapali Beach, Thandwe is a small but important town on Myanmar’s western coast. Thandwe Airport, which is located closer to Ngapali than Thandwe itself, is where you’ll arrive if you’re travelling to Ngapali by air.

Things to Do in Ngapali Beach 

* Beaches and Sunbathing

Quiet and peaceful, Ngapali Beach is a great place to sunbathe, enjoy a great book or simply sit back and let the world go by. Loungers and umbrellas are set up along the beach for resort guests and visitors — if you’re staying by the beach, ask your hotel staff for recommendations.
The clear, warm water at Ngapali Beach makes swimming off the beach a fun way to cool off after sunbathing. Pearl Island, which is located just off the beach, is another great beach area for enjoying the sun and clear water.

* Snorkelling

Largely undeveloped and untouched by mass tourism, the water around Ngapali Beach is clear and full of sea life. Snorkelling off the beach is possible, although the fish are rarely particularly large or impressive.
For a better snorkelling experience, book a snorkelling tour or charter a boat to travel out to Pearl Island. The clear, warm water around the island is great for snorkelling and exploring the local beaches.

* Boat Trips

Boat trips are available to Pearl Island, local fishing villages and other destinations along the coast of Ngapali Beach. There are several travel agencies in Ngapali that can arrange boat trips, or you can charter a boat from the beach for your group.
Note that if you charter a boat, you’ll be expected to book it for the entire day. Fishing trips to several islands and fishing locations off the coast of Ngapali Beach are also available.

* Golf

Ngapali Beach’s nine-hole golf course — it’s actually an 18 hole course, but poor maintenance means most of the course is off limits — is a fun place to spend a morning. Plan your game for early in the morning to avoid the midday and afternoon heat and humidity.