Myeik City

Myeik is the largest city in the Tanintharyi Division with an estimated population of 250,000 inhabitants, it has a long and proud nautical history and one of the best kept collections of colonial era buildings in South-East Asia. The heart of the city is the bustling harbour front with traders, and a wide varietty of wooden fishing and commuter boats.
The population is engaged in fishing, production of natural rubber and coconuts, manufacture of fermented shrimp paste, the collection of edible bird’s nests and pearl farming. Mergui is a gateway to the 800 offshore islands of the Mergui Archipelago, which are developing a tourist trade. Tourism in the area is restricted to cruises as land based accommodations are currently non-existent on the islands.

  1. Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda
  2. Paw Daw Mu Pagoda
  3. Round World Pagoda
  4. Maha Wizaya Pagoda
  5. Big Reclining Buddha
  6. Maygawati Temple


  1. Patit Island
  2. Smart Islands
  3. Harris or Marcus or Lay Kyun Island
  4. Yan Kang Baung Lake
  5. Colonial House
  6. Myeik Clock Tower
  7. Independence Park
  8. Ramannya Monestary
  9. Myeik Shopping Centre


  1. Hotel Grand Jade
  2. Pearl Laguna Resort
  3. Eain Taw Phyu Hotel
  4. White Pearl Hotel
  5. Dolphin Inn
  6. Golden Sky Hotel
  7. Kyal Pyan Hotel 
  8. Myint Mo Hotel
  9. Regent Hotel
  10. Mya See Sein Hotel
  11. Pearl Mon Hotel