Festival in Myanmar

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is one of the most cultural countries in Southeast Asia. The religion of ancient Myanmar Social Politics The "Twelve Months of the Seasonal Traditions", which are based on the English, etc., are usually referred to in the Myanmar calendar. These festivals are also traditional cultural practices that have been practiced by the Burmese for almost 100 years.Creating multiculturalism can bring about diversity. Religion is the cause of the spread of religion. The benefits of the Kingdom can be achieved.

Tagu (March / April)

Tagu is the first month of the Myanmar month, usually in March and April. The Myanmar New Year festival, Thing Thing, is held in the month of Tagu and usually falls on the 13th of April or around this day.The Thingyan was celebrated from the earliest times and became more prominent in the Pagan dynasty. The water is cool and cool. Clean and pure. They often greet one another with a warm welcome, leaving the old one in awe and welcoming the new year with a sense of purity and purity.

The most prominent feature of the lunar month is the festival of merit, not only for the Burmese people but also for all people. In addition to the water play, the most important thing is to do a lot of old-fashioned shampoo and nail polish remover with an old-fashioned shampoo and conditioner.

Kason (April / May)

It is the second month of the Myanmar month and usually occurs in April and May. It is also a month that Buddhists honor. The birth of the Blessed One; The full moon is celebrated on the basis of the three main objectives of attaining enlightenment and being God and Buddha.

This is a great day for Buddhists and is also called "Buddha Day". It is the last month of the summer, and it is an even more intense month. On this day, the festival is celebrated with the vodka tree. The Buddha, who had received the enlightenment of the Buddha in the vodka tree, poured the vodka vines which were worthy of the furniture and poured them with pure water.

Nayon (May / June)

The lunar month is the third month of the Myanmar month, usually in May and June. It was held in the second year of the Inwa dynasty, with the aim of propagating the Dhamma, especially for the purpose of the spread of the Dharma.Today, the government also holds Pali preliminary examinations, exams, and lectures. Diploma exams; Abhidhamma exams; Buddhism exams; The exams are being conducted. Each year, the monks and nuns work on the development of Theravada Buddhism, which is dedicated to the development of Theravada Buddhism.

In addition, the day of the Buddha is referred to as the day of the Buddha, since the Buddha was the first to introduce the Brahmins in the universe.

Waso (June / July)

The waning moon is the fourth month of the Myanmar month and usually falls in June and July during the summer and summer months. The full moon day of the full moon is the day of the full moon day. He saw four great signs in the life of the Buddha. It is the day when the Buddha taught the Dhamma to the five devas.It is a wonderful day because it is the day of the suppression of the pagoda and the display of its power.

The difference between the solar eclipse and the full moon day of the full moon day is the full moon day of the full moon day. For the three months, monks did not go to sleep at night for three months.During the Buddhist period there is no concern for the monks. The Buddha is a monk who is a monk of the Buddha, who is a monk of the Buddha.In addition, young Buddhist youths are offering donations to the pagodas with flowers on the moon. They usually do good deeds, such as offering offerings in their own homes.

Wagaung (July / August)

It is the fifth month according to the Myanmar calendar. It is a rainy season, which falls between July and August, with heavy rainfall overflowing with rivers.Most of his appearance in the land of the royal planet ဝေဠုဝန် while he's three weeks from the disciples calling from the donor of the temple monks alms giver likely find it difficult to offer products at the same facts and apply the Lord monks titles of the votes cast by the person to be donated Credit selection lottery.

Tawthalin (August - September)

In the twelfth month of Myanmar, the sixth month of August to September is exactly the month. At that time, the earth was the closest time to the sun, and the sun was at its equator (between 10 degrees and 28.32 degrees North).As a result, cloudy spheres often go off the rails. Sometimes there is a succession of sunny days, and there is the saying, "The sun goes down". Unlike the other times, the river is a time of calm and of a calm calm. Therefore, in the days of the ancient kings of Myanmar, boating was calm and the weather was pleasant.

When the boat was in session, the king would watch over the royal boat, which is called the "Mon State Boats". The boat is not just for fun, but is intended to improve the abilities of the Royal Navy.

Thadingyut (September / October)

The end of the rainy season is the seventh month of the Myanmar month and lasts from September to October. The Blessed One went to Tavati, and his mother and mother-in-law, the Buddha, returned to the city on the full moon day of Ramadan.

The Buddha was given a golden harp for the Lord. Bank When the Buddha made a series of rubies and descended from God, he came to the right hand of the Buddha on the right. Follow the Brahmins on the left bank and descend in the center of the ledge.
For the monks, the full moon day of the month is the day of the monks. It is a miracle that a sinner invites one to apologize. On that day your parents and your older ones will be with you. There is also a tradition of admonishing a teacher, listening to his counsel, and committing sins.

Tazaungmon (October / November)

The lunar month is the ninth month of the Myanmar calendar, which occurs in October and November. "What do you think?" Support; Ornamentation It is also a time for doing good deeds, such as lighting a lamp.For the monks, the kayana (kantha) is usually offered at the present time and is usually solemnized. Monks are considered the most valuable of all, as monks donate the monk's robe and donate it to a monk. There is a medicinal practice at midnight on a full moon night.

Nadaw (November / December)

The ninth month, the ninth month of the Myanmar month, usually falls in November - December, usually with cooler weather. In ancient times, the festival of the month was the pagan festival, which disappeared in 1885. In 1994 a special festival took place, a festival honoring literature.One of the most famous writers of the Konbaung period in Burma. It is celebrated on the day of the month of the month of the month. Today's liturgy applies to these subjects in the past. It is a famous festival which is celebrated on the 1st day of the month of the new moon.

Today, writers Poets Translators from different fields often give national medals to the national honors for their excellence.

Pyatho (December - January)

The 10th month of the month of Myanmar is during the months of December to January and is a very cold time. The month is also a time to showcase the strength of the ancient Burmese army. Today, there are usually festivals held in the month of August. In ancient times, Burmese kings held horse races throughout the month.

Horse race; Sword competition; Spear race; It is also a showcase of ancient Myanmar military and / or weaponry, as it is a showcase of military skills and archery. These competitions are often recruited for national defense. Some festivals also take place in the month of August. The famous Bagan Ananda festival is being held in the month of August.

Tabodwe (January / February)

The Tabotwe is the 11th month of the Myanmar month and usually falls between January and February, the last of the colder months. This season farmer were harvest their field as rice field, sesame, coconut, peanut and ginger.
The competition is often held in public or in private or with family and friends. In any case, the meaning of the festival is all-inclusive. Collective rice and other ingredients are often costly at collective rallies, and there are also workers.

Tabaung (February / March)

The month is the 12th month of the Myanmar month and is also the last month of the year. Usually it falls between February and March, which is the time of transition from cold winter to summer. Therefore, the month is half winter and half of summer. "It's a hot day and it's a cold night. A month and a half.

The month is the spring and winter, and the leaves are old and beautiful, leaving behind the old leaves and sprouting shoots. Cloudy skies are also moving in the clear sky, and the rivers are flowing gently and smoothly. So poets often write about the beauty of the month. During the course of the month, the river appears to filter out the white sand.

In the days of the ancient kings, the followers of this season were usually left with sand traps, often with sand castles on the sandy shores. The festival of Thandwe is one of the most celebrated of the month. It is made of sand or bamboo and is made of bamboo and tarpaulins. It is usually decorated with flowers. Today, the practice of sandblasting is declining.The most notable feature of the month is that most prominent pagodas (eg Shwedagon Pagoda) are held this month.