Most Popular Souvenirs should buy when Visiting in Myanmar

Souvenirs should buy when visiting in Myanmar

1. Gems and Jewellery

Gems and Jewellery are one of the best gift with features of Myanmar that visitors should buy. There are many gemstone mines that are mainly pearls, rubies, jade or sapphire stones, so the gems products which are produced in this country are highly appreciated by the market. A small suggestion for you to buy safe and government-guaranteed gems is Bogyoke Aung San Market and you can also find good looking and eye catching items at Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake.

2. Longgyi

Myanmar traditional costumes are worn daily as those are very comfortable, lightweight, simple and also suitable for hot weather in Myanmar. Pa-soe are the traditional pants worn by men and Hta-main are for women in Myanmar. Longyi is growing in popularity among foreign visitors, who often like buy them as a must – have souvenir when coming to Myanmar, or even for wearing themselves while they are in Burma. The best traditional silk and cotton woven longyis are found in Amarapura, well-known for the U Bein Bridge, the oldest and longest teak bridge of the world.

3. Sand/ Gemstone Paintings

Most of the painting in Myanmar are basically drawn the untold stories of pagodas, lifestyles, people and beautiful sceneries. Tourist can able to buy those paintings at surrounding pagodas and markets. In Myanmar, you can buy those painting in reasonable price and should pick up one of the best souvenirs during their visit.

4. Tapestries

One of the most popular tapestry images the tourists can see is on intricately-decorated cloth, formal dance costumes created by skilled weavers in. This style comes from the Mandalay region and the tradition goes back more than a century.They are generally made from linen, silk, velvet and cotton adorned with plain and metallic threads, metal sequins, beads and glass "stones."

5. Pathein Umbrella

The bright and colourful Pathein umbrella seems to give added grace and allure to Myanmar feminine beauty. Pathein umbrellas in all sizes and colours are readily available in any shopping arcade or market throughout Myanmar. and since it does not take up much space when neatly folded. it would be ideal for foreigners to buy this lovely item as a gift for someone special.

6. Buddha Statue

Visitors can find a lot of Buddha statues that are sold at a lot of souvenir shops when you come to the country of golden pagodas. There are no country else that has as many Buddhist temples and statues as Myanmar. The statues are elaborately crafted mainly with wood material. 

7. Puppet

Myanmar puppetry, also known as yoke thay, is a string puppet. and they are carved from wood, polished and painted beautifully. It is believed that the puppets have the soul and liveliness which make the performance authentic. It is a royal entertainment in ancient Myanmar not only showing the wooden doll but the representation of a real human. Visitors can buy puppets prince, princess, clown … as souvenirs with prices from about 10,000 kyats (about 7 dollars).

8. Lacquerware

The products are made from bamboo, wood and hairs from horsetails, covered with lac, the sap from a lacquer tree and finally decoration etched with an iron stylus. The lacquer products such as boxes, bowls, plates and trays can be seen everywhere and can be also bought at reasonable prices. In several workshops in Bagan you can observe the making process from the making to the finished products.

9. Textile

Traditional textiles products are very popular in Mandalay region and Inle Lake. Being naturally dyed, ornamented with various kinds of beads and sells. Inle Lake is the ideal place to buy beautiful and high-quality sheets with a wide range of choices and affordable price.

10. Tha-Nat-Khar (Skincare Product)

Thanaka is responsible for effectively removing dead skin cells and controlling excessive facial oil. Burmese people love to apply Thanaka in daily life as sunblock products. You can buy thanaka in mostly in Shwe Bo, Mandalay region.