Kawthaung City

Kawthaung (known in colonial times as Victoria Point), is Myanmar’s southernmost town. An important trading point, many people make the 20-minute trip across the water from the Thai border town of Ranong for a visa run or a bit of sightseeing and shopping.
Kawthaung was founded in the 19th century about 25 Miles south. The King Bayinnaung statue is greeting visitors from the cape. It is said he was very much accepted in Thailand for his policy to leave the country ruling be his own King. Bayinnaung only demanded loyalty. History tells us that he went a different way to invade Thailand. Today Kawthaung is a major trading town with Thailand.
The main business of Kawthaung is trade with Thailand. fishing. rubber and cashew nuts. Most Kawthaung residents speak Burmese and Thai. Kawthaung’s bustling waterfront is lined with teashops. stores and shops arranging boat charters to Thailand for visitors and traders.

  1. Pyi Daw Aye Pagoda
  2. Mway Daw Kyun Pagoda
  3. Aung Daw Mu Pagoda
  4. Thukhitaryone Temple
  5. Shwe Pyin Thar Temple


  1. Statue of King Bayinnaung
  2. Kawthaung Port
  3. Third Miles Temple
  4. Kaw Thaung Viewpoint
  5. Victoria Point
  6. Maliwan Waterfall
  7. Palau Tonetone Beach
  8. Thahtay Kyun Island
  9. Nyaung Oo Phee Island

  1. Penguin Hotel
  2. Grand Andaman Hotel
  3. Myanmar Andaman Hotel
  4. Victoria Cliff Hotel & Resort
  5. Kawthaung Garden Hotel