Kawkareik City

About City

Kawkareik  is a town in Karen State, Myanmar. The Kawkareik Pass across the Tenasserim Hills named after this town. The Pass was the access route from Thailand used by the Japanese Fifteenth Army consisting of two infantry divisions under Lieutenant General Shojiro Iita when it invaded the southern Burmese province of Tenasserim (now Tanintharyi Region) in January 1942.


  1. Taung Por Kyaung Pagoda
  2. Myo Ma Pagoda 


  1. Christian Church 
  2.  Hindu Temple 
  3.  Mosque
  4.  Mahar Bo Monastery
  5.  Kawkareik Stadium
  6.  Ywar Tan Shay La Thar Inn
  7.  Zwekapin Mountain


  1. Grade One Hotel
  2.  Honey Guest House