Heart of Karen State

Situated is close to Yangon about 150 miles away, Hpa-an is a small city but full of tourists and visitors around.

If you want to visit on weekends there will be crowded , We will give you advice to visit during the week day.

What is there to visit?

Such as Pagodas, Waterfalls, the mountains and caves of nature, are one of the reasons that make Hpa-an beautiful.

Bayin Nyi Naung Cave

It is located just before the arrival of Hpa-an in Rangoon, and the only feature is the hot springs.

Kaw Gon Cave and Yathe Pyan Cave

Before entering the Hpa-An entrance, take the right lane at the entrance to Hpa-an.

On the walls of the cave, the walls of the cave will be seen with hundreds of ancient architectural works, such as statues.

The pagoda is a great place for tourists to enjoy the views of the pagodas, the water tower in which the pagoda is located.

The inconvenience is that it can take a long time to catch a boat. Advise you to bring the booking number before God does so.

Taung Wine Mountain

- Surrounded by mountains and you can enjoy the mountains of Karen State while trekking

Kaw Kathaung Cave

- You can visit the 28 Buddha statues located in the cave, Known as ' Wish what do you want Cave'.

Zwekabin Mountain

- A landmark of Kayin State is an ideal mountain for hikers.

Kyauk Kalat Pagoda

- The evening sunsets in Hpa-an can be seen from the lake side.

Bat Cave

- Those who want to look at the bats around us will find the caves full early in the morning.

Chit Thu Myaing Garden

- It's a beautiful place like a natural garden and at night it is decorated with LED lights at night. Water sport services are also available for those who want to do water sport.

Shwe Yin Myaw Pagoda

- It is a famous pagoda in Hpa-An  located on the banks of the Than Lwin River.

 In Hpa-an, Karen State, is a must-visit destination for those who want to travel without much time.