An Ancient City Innwa

Innwa city is about 15miles away from Mandalay. It is a place to visit for those who want to experience the beauty of an ancient city.

The must see places around Innwa City

1. Lay Htet Gyee Monastery

It's one of the largest monasteries in Innwa, which was damaged by earthquake, but it was large and magnificent brick temple.

2. Innwa City Entrance Great Wall

There is no need to look back on how old Innwa was once famous. The wall that once protected the city is still one of the most beautiful places to photograph.

3. Mahar Aungmye Bonzan Monastery 

It's also known as Mae Nu Oak Kyaung, which was donated by Queen Nanmadaw Mae Nu since two hundred years ago. The monastery is located at the entrance of Inwa Palace and it is one of the few remaining historic buildings from the Inwa dynasty. It’s famous for its interior walls made of teak and brick with the floors. The color of the building is yellowish color and is really impressive from the outside.

4. Nan Myint Watch Tower

The 90 feet tall tower is a rare concrete tower, which was built in 1822.  Now leans perilously to one side and visitors are not allowed to climb the top of the tower.

5. Thar Taw Thamee Taw Lake

The lake is a small lake built from ancient times, which was built by aggregate and brick.

6. Shwe See Gone Pagoda

The marble pagoda, which is located inside the pagoda. Also, you will find a huge tree that has been in the temple for over 100 years.

7. Yadanar Shrine Pagoda

The pagoda is a place to study ancient temples and statues of Innwa Temple.