Loikaw City

About City

The capital of Kayah State, Loikaw (named by the Shan people) describes the dividing point between two mountains: Shwe Taung and Thiri Mingalar Taung. ‘Loi’ means mountain and ‘Kaw’ means separate. Loikaw is a genuinely great place to meet local people and soak up the town’s gentle, laid-back and friendly atmosphere.


Thiri Mingalar Pagoda (Taung Kwe)


  1. Kyat Guu(Natural lime stone cave)
  2. Ngwe Taung Dam
  3. Haw Nan Monastery
  4. Law Pi Ta WaterFall
  5. Htee Sel Khar waterfall
  6. Htee Pwint Kan Lake
  7. Demoso Market
  8. Loikaw cultural Museum
Hotel in Loikaw

  1. Loikaw Lodge Hotel
  2. Three Season Hotel
  3. Royal Naung Yah Hotel
  4. Kayah land  Hotel
  5. Myat Nan Taw Hotel
  6. Nawaday Hotel
  7. Kayah Resort
  8. Famous Hotel
  9. Golden Hill Hotel
  10. Rainbow Star Hotel