20 Foods You Must Try: When You Visit to Myanmar

Tea Leaf Salad

1.Tea Leaf Salad (laphet thoke)

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why tea leaf salad—laphet thoke—is so addictive, but it has something to do with its singular combination of textures and savory, salty, mildly sour flavors—and, of course, the caffeine kick you get after eating it. This version of laphet thoke is served in a large bowl with heaps of peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, crispy garlic, fried yellow split peas, tomato, jalapeño, and shred­ded lettuce. The textures and flavors all enhance the deep umami quality of the laphet.



Mohinga is a rice noodle and fish soup from Myanmar and is an essential part of Burmese cuisine. It is considered by many to be the national dish of Myanmar. It is readily available in most parts of the country.

Coconut Noodle

3.Coconut Noodle

Ohn No Khauk Swe (ohn no khao swè, ohn no kauk swe) is a Burmese noodle dish with a spiced chicken coconut broth. This is a great curry for those who don’t like a lot of heat. I was able to keep it lighter for myself and topped Chad’s with the red chili powder to his taste. This recipe uses thin egg noodles, but I have seen others with rice noodles.

Sticky Rice

4. Sticky Rice

Sticky rice cooked in oil with turmeric and served with boiled peas and crushed salted toasted sesame.

Rakhine Mont Di

5.Rakhine Mont Di 

Rakhine mont di  is the most popular dish in association with the Rakhine people. It is a semi staple dish of the Rakhine State. It comes in two forms: salad or soup.

The soup is the more common version, in which rice vermicelli is mixed with a thin soup made of daggertooth pike conger,called thinbaw htoe  in Arakanese, nga shwe , Rakhine ngapi and lemongrass. Dry roasted pike conger eel flakes, fried onion and garlic, fresh coriander, red and green chili paste are added. It is also called arpu sharpu  which roughly means 'hot throat, hot tongue', due to the green chili paste. Some add fried pulverised nga phe and pork rind.

In the dry salad form, the same ingredients are mixed into a colourful combination. The green chili paste gives the white rice vermicelli a slight greenish in colour.

Shan Noodle

6. Shan Noodle

Shan State is a fascinating popular attraction place in Myanmar. It is famous for not only because of its own unique traditional cuisine but also famous for the beautiful Inle Lake. The floating gardens at there are very awesome and you can see the people who row the boat with only one leg. In Shan state there are many traditional foods such as Shan fish rice cake, Mee shay (rice noodle soup), Shan tofu and etc.

Bane Mote
7. Bane Mote

It is the Myanmar style awhich is made with rice flour, palm sugar, coconut chips, peanuts, garnished with poppy seeds. It is fluffy in the middle and slightly crispy on the sides.

Shwe Taung Noodle

8. Shwe Taung Noodle

Shwe Taung Khauk Swei is to take noodles with thick liquid of chicken curry, chilli sauce, fish sauce, coconut milk gravy, pea flour and onion by mixing and stirring together after squeezing lime, with chicken bone soup. Shwe Taung Khauk Swei includes various kinds of tastes such as sourness, sweet and fragrant and is really delicious.

Shwe Taung Khauk Swei is proudly entertained at Myanmar nationals’ wedding ceremonies and donation ceremonies, can also have at restaurants and tea shops and the price is around K1500.

Nan Gyi Thode

9. Nan Gyi Thode

Nan Gyi Thoke are available in almost all the local café in Myanmar, especially most popular in Mandalay. It is another kind of breakfast food in Myanmar. The dish is usually served with pre-made chicken curry (note: the chicken curry is usually the Burmese style curry, not Indian) or either with boiled eggs cut in slices, onions, coriander, slice of lime, chilli powder and with crispy fritters.

Burmese Fried Rice
10.Burmese Bean fried rice

Burmese favourite breakfast bean fried rice.

Fish Rice

11.Fish Rice

Fish Rice Cake (Shan style) Foods from Shan state are very popular in Myanmar. This is a popular Shan styled rice cake receipe where rices are mixed with fish and potato to make a cake.

husband and wife snack
12. Husband and Wife Snack

It is made with rice flour batter fried in their hemispherical shape dimpled pan and joins 2 pieces. Because of joining 2 pieces, this snack figure as the husband and wife. People used to call it as the couple if husband and wife snack.

13. Tofu Nway

Tofu Nway, one of the famous breakfast in Shan State.Tofu Nway, a bowl of warm creamy Burmese tofu with noodles in it.

Kyar Zan Chat

14. Kyar Zan Chat

Kyar Zan Chat is the main dish and also can be side dish, it is depend on the people but most of the people prefer as a main dish. Kyar Zan Chat is made by grass noodles and with chicken soup. The signature ingredient of this dish is cloud ear mushroom. People like to eat this soup because of texture. Add with the chilies flakes and coriander leaves.

Mote Lone Yay Paw

15. Mote Lone Yay Paw

It is a traditional sweet rice balls floats on water. It is usually stuffed with jaggary. The food is often served during the celebration of Myanmar New Year Festival is call water festival or Thingyan festival.

Shwe Yin Aye

16. Shwe Yin Aye

Shwe yin aye is a traditional Burmese dessert commonly associated with the Thingyan season. The dessert is served cold, and consists of sweetened sticky rice, sago pearls, pandan jelly noodles, and cubes of kyaukkyaw, coconut jelly, and a slice of white bread steeped in a concoction of sweetened coconut milk.

Hta Ma Nae

17. Hta Ma Nae

“Hta-Ma-Nae”, the making of a popular traditional food consisting of glutinous rice, coconut slices, sesame seeds, peanuts and ginger. To make "Hta-Ma-Nae", you also need some other cooking utensils such as a big open pot and a few big spatula made out of iron. 

Kyay Oh

18. Kyah Oh

Kyay oh is a popular noodle soup made with pork and egg in Burmese cuisine. Fish and chicken versions are also made as well as a "dry" version without broth. Kyay oh is traditionally served in a copper pot. Kyay oh is made with rice noodles and marinated meatballs. The broth is made with pork, chicken, or fish.

Kat Kyee Kite
19. Kat Kyee Kite

Kat Kyee Kite is a traditional Myeik dish, loved by many locals. I would say this is Myeik style of stir-fried noodles. ... Add fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, dark soy sauce, chicken powder, vinegar and sugar to flat rice noodles and mix well.

20. Rice Salad

Also known as Let Thoke Sone or A-Thoke, this carb-rich salad is a popular street food in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). Htamin (rice) Let (hand) Thoke (tossed/mixed), like many other Burmese hand-tossed salads, is made from 12 or more ingredients, most of which are readily available in your local supermarkets. Specialty items like deep-fried onions and garlic can be made from scratch, but is a laborious process. Asian markets stock those along with spicy shrimp floss for which I like to use Balachaung as a substitute. Tamarind paste also is available in Asian and Indian markets.