10 Days to Wonderland ( Myanmar ) - Visitor Review

It’s been wonderful traveling in Burma this time. It’s a 10-days trip that had been carefully planned many months in advance. The main aim is to explore and visit many ancient sites, and culturally/historically intriguing places in the area known as “A-Nyar” (แ€กแ€Šာ) land. 

This is the dry zone that lies along the Irrawaddy river between the southern part of Sagaing devision to the northern part of Magwe division, the native land of the “Bamar” ethnic group. 

We left Yangon by overnight bus to Mandalay, being picked up and set off the journey. Our road trip took us to lesser known towns as well as remote villages. We walked across the fields, hiked the mountains, roamed through deep-dust tracks, and yes...also a bit of splurge for foods and nicer rooms at big towns ๐Ÿ™‚when we can. 
In this trip, we visited the Po Win Taung caves complex, Monywa, the ruins in Amyint, then Pakokku, Bagan, Salay, Chauk, Sagu, Kyaukpadauk, as well as other small towns along the way. 

Lots of mesmerizing discoveries more than words can explain. Our jaws dropped again and again, with countless times of “Oooo” and “Ahhhhh”. The most beautiful 12-18 century mural paintings of different eras we found, superb donated objects with in-surpassing workmanship we saw, very grand anglo-burmese monasteries we visited and also wonderful traditional Burmese style monasteries with marvelous woodcarvings. 

Just want to share some of the photos with you so you get to see the glimpse of what we mean.